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This is a Logo proposal for the italian brand Legami ( www.legami.com ). It represent a Savoy Knot.

Legami is an ambiguous word in italian, it could mean two different things depending on the accent. Lègami means "tie me" and Legàmi means "link" (for example the link between two people).
The concept of "tie me" is expressed obviously by the rope. The concept of "link" is much more interesting and complex. It's based on the properties of this knot, which is also called "The love knot". It's one of the most important and famous knots because it is really tight but not enough to consume the rope. It's how a relationship should be. Moreover it can be used to tie together two different ropes (symbolizing the link between two people). It's also the most simple knot, as a relation between friends or between relatives.

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