Mickey Markoff – “Air and Sea Stats - Thunderbolt”

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Mickey Markoff - Air and Sea Show Executive Producer - “Air and Sea Stats - Thunderbolt”

Graphic of air and sea show stat regarding A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft and U.S. Air Force aviation history.

Originally posted at https://www.instagram.com/mickeymarkoff/

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Mickey Markoff is best-known for the Air and Sea Shows in South Florida, where he works as an Executive Producer. Markoff is also President of MDM Group, an innovative South Florida firm that develops effective multidimensional marketing campaigns. Markoff has worked with several corporate sponsors throughout the years, including Hyundai, McDonald's, and more. He is currently producing and promoting the National Salute to America’s Heroes, scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend May 29-30 2021. Learn more @ https://usasalute.com/usa-salute-home-2/

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