Screenhero homepage animation

Dribbble screenhero animation

Animation is hard. I remember it being hard when I was animating my first ad banners in Flash like 10 years ago and it's still hard even if the tools got slightly better and more mature. "Timing" still a bitch and it takes me always several reruns to get it at least ok.

It is the same story with this little animation for Screenhero website explaining the beauty of two people on the same screen fully in control.

However, I've learned one important lesson. It helps the "timing" of your animation, if you have metronome or same BPM music on. Things immediately get more drive and feel more natural! (I realized this at the end of this animation where I didn't have enough energy to redo everything, so the timing still sucks).

All animation gurus, what is wrong with this animation?

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