Car rental - Select vehicle flow

đź“ŤI worked on this pitch during my time at Radikal.
✨It was all about improving the renting experience of heavy vehicles. Their current product was outdated and difficult to use.

👉Here are the thoughts behind the results:

• Progress bar:
Clearly showing the steps done, the current one and remaining. They are clickable so the user can go back at any time.

• Checkout form:
An overview of the search is on the left and is stuck even when the user scrolls down. Showing this flexibility options shows transparency and a willing to help get the best rental type from the company.

• Result sections / Car descriptions:

This grid will display the car’s most important features, show if special information is required and highlight new cars.
Tooltips will show next to the car category, as the features would be new and regular clients will need onboarding.

•More details:
Users want to know what comes with the car, to feel confident about what they are getting. The full specs can be shown as a modal window to avoid leaving the page.

• Filter:
The second level of filtering is shown above the results to help the user find a specific vehicle more quickly.

Posted on Mar 28, 2021
Sofia Toso
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