Twitter Profile Design

After using the Twitter iOS app for a while I decided I wanted to try and redesign some elements of it more to my liking.

It's no way near perfect, I still need to think about ways I think the bio should appear, how other users are displayed and so on. It's more me just playing around really.

I did think however that displaying the tweet actions all the time wastes space even if means more people use them. I want to read more and not scroll.

Also it's not really highlighted much but the @speedtest link is using the account colour set by @speedtest. This is definitely something I think should be brought into the mobile apps.

Let me know your thoughts, if it's liked I'll keep going with it and see what other screens I end up with.

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Posted on May 4, 2014
Ollie Barker
I focus on designing thoughtful & intuitive and interfaces.

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