Dribbble-style soccer ball


I am very pleased to post my very first shot at Dribbble. I have no words to thank Rich Thornett by inviting me to become a player – I've been waiting for this moment so long! :D

I want to honor Dribbble in this, because I love the site so much. It gives me learning, inspiration, eye candy... And now that I'm a player, can't wait to receive critiques, feedback, make friends...

So, here's my debut. I'm Brazilian and (aspirant) designer. Follow my thought: Brazilians love soccer, designers love Dribbble, I'm both. Nothing more apropriate then making a Dribbble-style soccer ball! ;) Here it is! Quite simple, just like the official Dribbble basketball logo. I also will be using this as an avatar for my profile, until I design something else. :)

* Sorry for my bad english. if I write any error, just ignore it, please.

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