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Been quite busy at  and it has been almost impossible to play around Quartz Composer. Now that I have some time I wanted to test the possibilities of this thing I did a while ago with After Effects and I wasn't sure if I would be capable of reproducing the same effect by just tweaking the Y position and scroll speed (the effect was achieved in AE with 3D positioning and moving the camera in as explained here: ). I haven't seen a lot of websites using parallax effect in a single image to create a 2.5D type of effect (the one is widely used in Documentaries, I can't remember if it has other name than just parallax effect). I usually see it with different speed on independent elements, so I wasn't sure if what I wanted was just impossible to replicate.

Anyway, the .GIF kind of sucks, so I hardly recommend you to check the attached video file with a full performance of how the thing might work.
If anyone is curious about how I did this thing or want to play around with the QC file (probably the best way to tame that beast, blowing everything up until things start to make sense :P), here's the link for you to mess around with the project:

Also, if any web developer is interested in bringing this to life feel free to send me an email.
Thanks, and have a great weekend.

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