Disney's Godmothered: Unchosen Movie Title Treatments

Here's some more cutom type work we did for Disney last year for the film Godmothered.
What is a title treatment? It's just a fancy industry term for a movie logo. When it comes to a good title treatment, it needs to have just enough personality without being busy and cluttered, and the best ones have some sort of clever allusion to the storyline of the film. Think the little fish as the counter in the O of "Finding Nemo". Godmothered is about a well-meaning, but unskilled fairy godmother, so this lettering features the sleek lettering you might expect to see on a Disney fairytale movie cover (think Cinderella) but slightly all askew. The "t" crossbar is a simple magic wand. ⁠

See more of our title treatment explorations for this project on our site, and checkout Godmothered on Disney+!⁠

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