Resume 2014

New resume for the year. I wanted to do something more original. It's tabloid size, so it can be a tri-fold or just printed on a flat sheet.

"Triad of Design" represents three points:

Diamond: Created by two intersecting hearts - one upright and one upside down. Or it's just an upsidedown triangle.
Starburst Symbolizes daydreaming.
Vision Represents my passion and vision for design.

Generally an upright prism with an eye at the top is common, instead it's pointed downwards to my personal logo to signify the progressive movement of the two diagonal lines connected to one point, but never meet on the opposite end. This expresses my endless passion for design and creativity, off into infinity.

Also my name has three letters.

Any recommendations for a print shop that does specific amounts of print, let me know!

Please view @2x for detail.

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