A project I worked on a couple months ago finally released a couple days ago and it also got featured in TechCrunch,
Really proud of the work I did for AsthmaMD!
There are still still some small issues on the design but it should be fixed soon!
"Founder Dr. Sam Pejham and Salim Madjd, the startup’s app designer, say that AsthmaMD 3.0, the company’s latest product, is “essentially a brand new app coded from scratch and it’s our most significant release yet.” The startup is self-funded and currently raising its seed round.

The platform now includes the startup’s patent-pending asthma action plan, or a treatment plan for patients that is developed with their doctors. It also has an integrated medication reminder system and the ability to track and log asthma symptoms from multiple devices, with data saved to AsthmaMD’s secure cloud platform. AsthmaMD’s peak flow meter, a key part of its monetization strategy, is now available in certain Walgreens and CVS stores."

TechCrunch Article
App Store Link

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Posted on Apr 30, 2014
Kubilay Sapayer
UI / UX Designer, Illustrator from The Netherlands

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