Prodigal Son (WVC VBS Time Warp)


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1 of 4 illustrations for the Vacation Bible School program for Woodmen Valley Chapel. Super inspired to bring these epic stories and Bible heroes to life and try giving them a unique new take on the characters and perspectives.

The parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:1-32) may be the story that I have loved most all of my life, and has had the greatest impact on the way I see God's love and mercy as Abba Father. Such a powerful picture of unending love and forgiveness. The folks at WVC wanted me to pull from Rembrandt's rendition of the Prodigal son, so I used that as a basis for the perspective and then implemented my own style. Can't help but be inspired when trying to capture a hint of the old masters!

I worked the Cliff and Biff characters as well as the time machine into each scene, subtle and in the background as onlookers ... so as not to mess with the space time continuum and all!

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