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This shot is from a big exciting project we did for a US real estate company, Mil PCS. We made two websites for two separate markets the company caters for — military relocations and civilians, and a dashboard you see here to make the process seamless and convenient.

The dashboard works for both websites, and it helps to manage everything to do with the process of buying a house — automatically. It turns form inputs into applications with all the client info. It lets the company assign deals to agents and it lets agents interact with clients from the initial application to when the deal is closed. Isn’t that great? We like it.

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Art Direction: Valentina Sulima
Design: Valentina Sulima, Julia Tsukurova, Olga Altukhova, Oksana Minina
CTO: Anton Fedulov
Product dev: Dmitri Kadchenko, Yevheniy Ivchenko, Artem Maliuha
Web dev: Alexei Kaluzhnyi, Victor Kolesnik
Copy: Tommy Molotov
PM: Matvii Kurochka, Nataliia Gorodetska
DevOps: Volodymyr Shcherbinin

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