EasyPay - Touch ID Payment System - Concept

With WWDC around the corner, I thought about the future of Touch ID. Touch ID is great, it’s incredibly accurate and works incredibly really fast. However, I would like to see Touch ID used in other areas, specifically the area of payments. I decided to design EasyPay. The idea of EasyPay is to build an API for developers. Ideally, developers would incorporate this system into their apps and enable people to buy physical things, one example would be Amazon. In addition to iOS apps, this functionality could also be available on the web. Keychain is a step in the right direction, but it could be a much better experience. At checkout, the card would slide up and when Touch ID recognizes the correct fingerprint, it would initiate the payment through the iTunes payment system. The other possibility is retail. Implementing this type of experience in a retail environment is a more complex implementation. My idea for the experience of the transaction is this: walk into a coffee shop, or any retail environment and ask for the tab to be placed on EasyPay. EasyPay would send a notification to the iPhone in front of the counter using iBeacon technology and when Touch ID authorizes the payment, the iTunes payment system would direct the requested amount to the retail location.

The retail implementation is a fairly complex one with a lot of old infrastructure to consider. I believe the future of mobile is payments. There’s a lot of room for improvement in that area.

I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts on the idea: ricardodeltoro@me.com

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