The Buffer Weekly Digest

The Buffer Weekly Digest

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Note: View the attachment to see my own personal weekly digest for my own profiles!

After last week's release of our new style unification, I've begun working to port our style guide across all areas of the Buffer product. Today we reworked our weekly Digest emails that go out to ~900k people every Monday. Each week we're A/B testing the content and layout of the digests in order to learn what matters most to our users, what information is most meaningful and what types of content are most relevant.

We have a really cool setup to send our weekly digests - our amazing engineers have built a system that splits users into two groups: Active and Dormant. An active user is someone who has sent a post through Buffer in the past 7 days, while dormant is, well, someone who hasn't!

The logic of our templates allows us to send very different digests to these different user groups. For our active users, the weekly digest contains a collection of their top posts (with engagement stats, like retweets + clicks) and a table of all their aggregate engagement. Our tests are geared towards user retention and providing value every week that users can't get on any other social media management product. Open rates on these emails are >30%, which is really great validation for our product team.

Dormant users, on the other hand, are a vastly different type of user that has a very different type of need. These are folks who haven't quite yet found their stride with the Buffer product, and need a bit more encouragement to share content on our platform. For these users, we've been including a popular post from the Buffer Blog and encouraged them to click through and share the post. So far we're seeing open rates >20%, which is really amazing considering that this group of users is not active on the Buffer product.

Last week our dormant emails reactivated more than 8k users (which means that they shared something new through Buffer after seeing the digest email)!

Our Weekly Digest has been maturing over the past few weeks, and it's been a really fun challenge for design, product development and engineering.

If solving challenges like this sounds interesting to you, we're currently looking for a product designers and front-end engineers! Check out our open jobs or apply for our product design role right away!

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