Rebuild Duck Hunt By Nestor

Here is a little game called Duck Hunt. Very excellent work of @Edward Battistini

Thanks for the original author to rebound this Pie to the playoff, so I can see it.

Here is the original pie's link:

I like it very much, so I decide to bring it to live, not just a sample prototype, so I made this pie.

Update list:
- Recreate all interactions and Duck component, so you can see 5 ducks in the screen at same time. You can shoot any of them to get score.
- Add game over logic, 10 miss shoots will end the game, not just counting misses;
- Add score logic, you will get score for every kill, counting based on the duck flying speed;
- Add record logic, if you get more than 1,000 score you will renew the record;
- You dog will show on the duck falling position, not a fixed place;
- Add a gun sight, it will always follow your mouse, if you play it in a browser.
- Add a sound switch, you can shut the noising ducks up now;
- Add a Joystick, so you can use your phone to control the gun sight;

How to use Joystick:
- Open this pie in ProtoPie studio, and chose HOME scene;
- Run this pie on both you phone and your PC/Mac;
- Tap Joypad on your phone;
- Tap Start on your phone;

You can use your phone to play now. Well, it may cause more miss shoots, but the important is to know how to communicate between devices right? Try joystick and play again with mouse, I will do this.

Make the prototype like real apps, I really like prototyping this way. Hope you see my pie file, if you have better way to implement this functions, welcome to leave a comment. If you like it too, tap the like button will be great.

You can find my pie file here:

Thanks to the original author again. @Edward Battistini hope you like it too.

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Posted on Mar 12, 2021

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