Food Delivery App

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Do you know that the first online delivery service originated in the US? Since the early 2000s, the online food delivery industry has been spreading around the world. We've come up with a new exploration of a food delivery app.

The shot shows the main app screens: a menu screen where a user selects the food, a dish screen with more details on the selected item, and a cart screen where one can edit the order by adding more items or deleting them.

The selected color scheme is light and airy. We've decided to use lavender as an accent color and add a couple of warm yellow touches that go well together.

We usually follow a minimalist approach to UI design. This concept is no exception. It has sufficient inner space: the interface elements are not colliding or seem crowded. At the same time, it doesn't lack anything or create an empty look.

What are your thoughts about this concept?

Ronas IT | UI/UX Team
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