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Heya Dribbble!

I want to share this shot of the sidebar from my pet project, ( ). This is the first time I'm really showing this off to anyone but friends on Facebook and Google+, so I'm incredibly nervous/excited!

The "hamburger button" is in its 'out state' (when the sidebar flies out from the left). It's inspired by Android's Navigation Drawer behavior.

A bit about the project for those curious: is a site to collect and remember things. It's bit of a cross between some existing social media sites and ... scrapbooking? Create a Stashbox for a topic, then Stash away pictures, texts, quotes, links, or conversations. Follow other Stashboxes and Restash from someone else's Stashbox when you get inspired.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this shot! Check out the site if you're curious -- I spent a lot of time working on this completely on my own and I'm really excited to share.

You can find some of my Stashboxes and posts at

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