OS X Yosemite

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Mark Gurman, a senior editor at 9to5mac, was on the last episode of The Talk Show by John Gruber. When they got onto the subject of the next version of OS X, and the changes that might be in store, Mark had this to say:

“There's going to be a decrease there.

Maybe not nearly as dramatic as iOS 7 but clearly the aesthetic is going to be there. Basically the gist of what I heard is:

New icon set.

You know how the corners on the windows are slightly rounded off. They're getting rid of that so everything's more squared off.

I think they're going to decrease the shade of metal across the OS quite a bit; more white space.

We'll probably see some new translucencies kind of where the dock is and notification center is.”

(You can listen to more of their discussion here.)

Mark has had an incredible hit-rate when it comes to Apple predictions and I got the sense that he'd seen some screenshots. I thought it'd be fun to revisit the mockup that @Benjamin De Cock did last year and alter it based on a couple of Mark's comments.

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