There is no denying that the current school curriculum lacks logic. Yes, each subject is endowed with a lot of important facts, but as a rule, the program does not involve the intersection of related areas of theoretical knowledge. The attitude of the current generation of schoolchildren toward mathematics and the exact sciences is frightening, because children really don't understand how science can help them in life. Such insecurity is reinforced by theoretical knowledge that was not immediately reinforced in related fields. This is where a new player comes in - the STEM approach. Let's learn more about what it consists of.


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For the first time, the importance of learning touching on related areas, as well as using a practical approach at the junction between disciplines, were addressed by specialists from the United States. They conducted a study, according to which, in most high-tech companies, people in professional positions were experiencing difficulties in related fields. Having analyzed the training situation, the researchers proposed a new training methodology - STEM. This methodology is already reaping the benefits in the form of highly skilled personnel in Western countries.
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Posted on Mar 10, 2021
Din Winchester
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