Location Tracking Animation

Google Play now requires that apps accessing location while backgrounded to educate the user as to their behavior, and to allow an opt-out.

Live Location Tracking is an add on for Zello Work, allowing dispatchers to quickly locate their drivers, managers to visualize their fleets, and a myriad of further use cases. Do you need to find the agent closest in Gate 32, or to reroute a driver as they risk entering a traffic jam? Live Location Tracking can be an invaluable tool for distributed teams. The permission is, of course, not requested of Free Zello users.

Given Google's requirements update, we quickly implemented a permissions priming screen, featuring this new animation. The mobile apps feature a light and dark theme, thus the two versions. Originally composed as a still in Sketch, I recreated it in Illustrator and then imported the art fo After Effects, where I looped the scaling-and-fading rings, looping in just under 1s. The animation was then exported to a Lottie JSON file and used in our Android app, where it'll be seen by new Live Location Tracking users as of the upcoming release.

I'm unfortunately unsure as to how to export this to video without a stutter at the start of the file — would appreciate input from any AE/AME pros.

Posted on Mar 9, 2021
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