Beloved Enemy Siebdruck

Beloved Enemy Siebdruck

Dear fellow dribbblers,

I just wanted to share the final version of this screen print with you, before we get our hands dirty in the print lab... (maybe we will just make others get them dirty, because it's been a while since I made this the last time by myself.... we'll see). This is a two color A2 print set on off white paper - you can get a better idea of the final in the detail shot.

As for the intention of this shot: The title refers to ourselves and our ever emerging improvement, or at least the improvement of ourselves we try to achieve. So we fight this battle, but even after the hardest battle, the older me still is part of us and alive - because it has helped us to get there where we are now... so this is pretty much what this is about.

Thank you all for your time - have a great day.

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