Feedback Needed Please !



Hi everyone !
I'd love your opinions, feedback, criticism, etc.

I developed this proposal a few weeks ago for a company that offers a 24/7 online sales/support team for your website, and their logo was based in the "8x more leads" promise they make to their clients.

I tried to update their logo to a more simplified, clean, modern and flat version. And the response that I got from them was: "We felt that the logo idea that you presented was a bit of a step back from the current logo that we have had designed. The current logo that we have feels strong and simple and lines up with our flat theme. The logo you created felt very generic with the chat boxes and the sales line does not reflect the increase in sales from using our service."

Now, my question, and I hope you can help me to improve (if that is not much to ask obviously). Do you agree with the client? What went wrong? What could I've done better? And every other comment you'd like to do is welcome :)

Thanks !


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