I had the chance to spend a few days revisiting all the static pages that surround Buffer, without touching the app itself. These changes include views like our about page, FAQ page, security page and even the rarely-viewed pages like our terms of use. Click around and explore the changes, I'd love your feedback!

My goal was to consolidate our CSS files and variables that are used site-wide. We now have a global 'variables.less' file which controls things like colors and base element sizes. We also introduced a new 'typography.less' file that will be used to control global type styles sitewide. These files feed into all our static pages, as well as other variable files like 'button.less' (which controls the button styles across the entire app).

This new setup gives us a lot of flexibility to make changes on the fly and trust that they'll be propagated everywhere. Want those blue buttons to be pink? Just change one line in 'variables.less' and everything will magically update, everywhere.

We still have a long way to go though - we'll be working in the coming weeks to make sure all of these pages look great across all screen sizes, including hiDPI displays. We're pushing new iterations every day, and I'm excited to keep moving the Buffer product forward alongside our amazing team.

If solving challenges like these sounds interesting to you, we're currently looking for a product designers and front-end engineers! Check out our open jobs or apply for our product design role right away!

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