'Future is now' NFT

The trend of tokenizing artworks in order to proof their uniqueness is seen as a strong distruptor and game changer for near and far future of digital design.

Do you believe in future of NFTs for digital art, items and game collectibles, or do you think blockchain authentication is a waste of energy and resources?

Future is now and that means that you can bid on my unique 'Future is now' digital artwork backed by ETH.

'Future is now' digital .mp4 limited to 10 pieces for 0,1 ETH - https://app.rarible.com/token/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430:189566:0x2c5901fee74b6793c5da0029a641d141b9d13547

'Future is now' digital .gif artwork limited to 1 piece for 1 ETH https://zora.co/txh/1226

Come with me to the moon. Or maybe just to the virtual gallery. For every bid I am gonna try to render and mint new artwork.

Next colour is: black

Levitating rendered balls to the moon!
#NFTs #3d #cgi #future #now #token #blueballs #crypto #eth https://t.co/QFeoJSj1US?amp=1

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