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We have a question for you. When is the last time you went through your camera roll trying to recover a photo from one special moment and regretted taking so many food shots, selfies, and sky photos? Well, we feel your pain, we’ve been there too.

At such moments we realise that as smartphone cameras made it possible to capture an unlimited amount of moments and be with us all the time, the value of a photo depreciated. In a pre-smartphone era, we could only take a limited amount of photos which we usually spared for a few special moments and events.

So one startup decided to create a solution that will help us to collect our memories and what’s more important - easily and painlessly retrieve them at any given moment. It is a time capsule of all the events that have a high value for us, which make us look back and appreciate our journey called life. We wanted to design a special interface, that will evoke feelings and set a positive mood on its own. And what can do this better than illustrations?

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