Hi Folks! 🤙🏼
We came up with an idea 💡 that will help you to manage your finances 💵 smoothly and transfer money safely with just one tool. We analyzed banking and electronic 🏦 wallet applications that are currently available on the market... After our research, we developed a tool that is unique in design and functionality that we’re now ready to present to you.

About the project 🗒
Our project was created as an answer to the needs of users who manage their finances using a smartphone 📱The most important things for us were transfer and data security. The second issue was to create a tool that operates quickly and intuitively. We reduced the number of steps that
a user must do to complete a transaction to a minimum.

What is the new application? 📲
An electronic wallet for all credit and debit cards 💳
Provides support for safe transfers from a phone
Control over current spending.

The goal? 🎯Logical, clear functions and enjoyment.
- Secure login with a fingerprint sensor
- Clear spending charts by day 📅
- Clearly labeled expense categories with specific amounts 📊
- Easy choice of transfer recipients from the contact list 📝
- Possibility to make transfers in any currency 🤑
- Clear confirmation of transactions with a short summary about your recipient and the transfer amount ✔️

Designed for the needs of young users 😎
- Dark mode: dark mode in the design as a response to current design trends 🖤
- Intuitive navigation: a bottom menu, clear buttons, and clearly marked active elements 👌🏼
- Juicy colors: they stand out against the dark background, create a fresh look, and make the tool easier to navigate 🔥
- Energetic design: Shadows and gradients add character and depth to the design, making it stand out ✨
- User-friendly: the use of iOS emojis to mark spending categories is an original idea and an alternative to the classic icons used in similar tools

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