The Kitchen Concept and Spatial design

Guest go in the living room.
Friends gather in the kitchen.

The Kitchen is a place for hospitality, for warmth, for friendship-and hygge. Of course the kitchen is also a place where work gets done.

Zendesk very own Executive Briefing Centre is designed to hold important meetings in a friendly, casual and refined environment. The whole space offers meeting opportunities in different sizes and modalities. The kitchen and its marble table is the centre, the beating heart of the experience. A large formal meeting will be hosted in the bright and sunny dining room. A casual conversation can take place in the dark and cozy living room while smaller groups will gather in the balcony or in the studio.

"The kitchen It's a place where it's okay if things get a little messy - don't worry about red wine spilled on the carpet. It's burned muffins and gourmet meals both, and a sense that you can always do better."

Concept and Spatial design: Raphael Güller and Giuseppe Cariello
Architect firm : Gensler Architects
Photography: Jaon O'Rear

A blend of art, copy, video, and design.

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