New Skillshare Class: 8 Patterns to Power Your Next Project

Our new Skillshare class is here! Join us for an in-depth class all about creating geometric patterns in Adobe Illustrator.

Patterns have long been an essential part of our work, but it wasn’t until recently that we starting using them in more complex ways, maximizing our efficiency and exploring new pattern methods like tessellations. Level up your design work with the power of patterns.

Packed with Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks, this class will teach you how to use Ai’s suite of tools to create everything from simple line and dot patterns to complex, eye-catching tessellations.

Step-by-step lessons will help you:

• Understand the principles of geometric patterns
• Break into the world of tessellations
• Troubleshoot pattern problems
• Ways to customize your design

Plus, we’ll take you inside real-world examples, sharing the stories, experiments, and breakthroughs behind our favorite projects using patterns.

Whether you’re looking to expand your repertoire, wow your next client, or just have fun in Adobe Illustrator, this class will change the way you approach your work. Unlock your creativity, push your technique, and take your designs into a new dimension!

You can check it out with a free 2-week Skillshare trial:

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