create.ONE | Very Early Concepting ✨

Hey Dribbble 🙋🏼‍♀️, Jane here.

Here's a throwback to one of the earliest designs I put together for create.ONE in my first week on the job at Resonance. So early, that we weren't even calling it create.ONE yet!

The look and feel of this early draft for a design system is far from what we eventually settled on, and the mockups only gesture impressionistically at particular functionalities, but from them we iterated, evaluated, and refined our way to where we are today.

It's far to easy too give into the urge to cringe a little at your earliest designs for a project and wonder how you ever knew so little, but personally I'm encouraged by those impulses: it's only by starting from a point of total, candid ignorance that you make yourself open and available to valuable insights that can only be achieved by starting from first principles.

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