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Hi everyone!

Do you know what is NFT and CryptoArt?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens—which simply means that the token can not be recreated or replaced. “Fungible” = able to be replaced, so “Non-Fungible” = not able to be replaced. This means it is unique.

There are various types of NFTs under the main umbrella of the term. Two of the biggest groups include digital art and digital collectibles. Today we are just going to be talking about digital art, specifically what’s happening in the music world. NFTs use the same blockchain technology that cryptocurrencies do and make digital assets both trackable, verifiable and in most cases, scarce. These are things that have never existed before and are what enable both digital art and digital collectibles to exist. The actual NFT is a digital token that points to a photo or video. There are other uses, but these are the primary forms.

This is the first digital art from my "Colors of rainbow" collection. In next few weeks I will drop new color. Have time to buy each color, because their number will be limited. Do you want to always have a clear sky and a rainbow over your head?

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