Leibniz butter biscuits

This time, I took Leibniz butter biscuits and one story of my student life as an inspiration.

We had to study lots of fundamental sciences, and physical chemistry was one of them. Don't get sleepy. The story is about a teacher. I think we had the best one on this course.

The first thing he taught us was Better late than never in English (I barely knew it back then), Deutch, and French. Every student that was late for 15 minutes had to say the phrase in three languages in front of everyone. As our teacher said, it'd be at least one thing that we'll remember from his classes. He was right, without any doubt.

He also used to run tests. If you completed it, you'd be free. Almost no one managed to do it. If not, the group visited the teacher in his lab in the Chemistry faculty to complete the test. It sounds like torture, but it wasn't! To come inside the lab, everyone has to bring something sweet. When the whole group gathered, our teacher put a kettle on and start explaining the most common mistakes, at the same time, telling the stories of his life! Then we'll drink tea with biscuits and correct our tests.

I don't know what exactly his goal was, but it taught me to be okay with failures. Also, to be kind to everyone around.

Were you lucky to have teachers like this? What was the most important thing you learn from them?

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