Fabrik x Milica Golubovic

As one of three Fabrik x Ello artists grant winners we caught up with Milica to look at what inspires her and the process behind her work.

Milica Golubović is a visual artist and illustrator. She creates poetic digital imagery with a focus on atmosphere, color and texture, and draws inspiration from nature, the Mediterranean seaside and everyday life in general. She has exhibited solo and participated in over 70 group exhibitions, both local and international, and has received multiple awards for her illustration work.

"The ability to put the same project into different sub-portfolios. From the start I had the impression that there are real people behind Fabrik, which was proved every step during the setup process."

Milica is a Fabrik Hero: https://fabrik.io/heroes/milica-golubovic

For more on why illustrators use Fabrik, click this: https://fabrik.io/for/illustrators

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