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Coming soon design process for Progressly - late 2013.

There's no shortcut to a good landing page design but there are some things you can do in the beginning of a project in order to produce that winner design a bit faster.

Here's what I do:
1. Peel the project brief: Study the project brief to understand the idea/app/company, the pros (and cons). Then I do my best to simplify the project brief into What/Why/How.

2. Target audience: Are they nerds like us or just regular people like our friends or perhaps more like our parents? The answer to this question clears the direction I want to take for the first draft.

3. Branding: Logotype, color palette, typography etc. If it's an early startup then I do some polishing but if it's an established company with solid branding structure then I do my best to stick to their previous design guidelines so the design feels the same as the rest of their brand.

4. Layout: the best way to get over the fear of new white paper is to fill it with whatever you think is necessary. I always start by laying out the basics like logo, some titles, texts and some blocks (that represents image/icon/call-to-action buttons).

5. Puzzle: This is the fun part. Play around with the placements of these elements until you have something you are happy with and send it to the client for feedback.

6. Feedback: I always educate the client about this part so they know what I'm looking for in their feedback. Basically I ask them to give me a list of things they like and a list of things they don't like. And if they have any ideas on how we can improve the design, I ask them to write that below the lists just to get a clear picture of what they have in mind.

That's all I have.
Hope you enjoyed this loooong post.
If you have a minute or two, I would love to hear about your process so feel free to comment here or just hit me up on twitter to chat.

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