The Saudi Investment Bank - Landing Page Animation

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We are sharing some design concepts that we created for The Saudi Investment Bank. The Bank needed a modern-looking Homepage and a page advertising one of its products, the Travel Card.

On the shot, you can see the animated flow of the two pages. The general look of the concept is very light and easy. We wanted to establish a connection with bank clients and make them feel that the bank services are affordable and easy to get.

We kept the white background from the existing site but added more fun colors as highlights. The logo and yellow brand color remain intact because they are important corporate identity elements.

When designing a bank service page, it's essential to keep the balance between making the design trendy and conservative. The trendiness will make the design more appealing to younger generations. Still, people expect the bank to be reliable and secure, which we translate into the traditional or conservative visual image.

We'll be sharing the static concept screens to give you a closer look!

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