The Saudi Investment Bank - Mobile Application

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We are sharing some design concepts that we created for The Saudi Investment Bank. The Bank needed an update of their mobile app and re-design of one of their products, the Travel Card.

The shot shows the Travel Card order flow. To issue a new card, the user presses the plus button on the home screen. Then, the user can filter available products by chips (debit card, credit card, etc.). After choosing the Travel Card, a card description window appears.

We kept the white color as a basic one from the existing site. The logo and yellow brand color remain intact because they are important corporate identity elements.

When designing a bank service app, it's essential to make it very intuitive for the user because it's intended for everyday use. The ideal bank service app promotes the bank services and gives value to the user by allowing them to track their expenses and transfer money quickly.

Stay tuned for the ultimate collection of the SAIB app screens!

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