The Basics of Brand Communications

At Focus Lab, Brand Communications encompasses the positioning, messaging, and verbal identity work we do for clients. This work achieves three things:

1. It conveys what your brand is and why, showing your customers how to understand you
2. More importantly, why they should care
3. While simultaneously giving your brand a point-of-view, embodied in a personality, or voice

Visual language can do a lot of things, but it can't do any of them without words. An exciting logo is powerful and moving—for one part of your brain.

Verbal language sidles up to another part altogether and says, That apple is a metaphor for knowledge, autonomy, and transcendence. Think Different. Brand Communications is a strategic, creative, and essential piece of any brand identity project.

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Props to team members Amy for her masterful works/insight and Liz for her magic touch on illustrations. 👏


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