Introducing 3 boxes:

1.- Jochos Calienties - Jochos is how we call hot-dogs in the colloquial argot in Mexican Spanish. I once saw a beautifully sign-painted hot-dog truck with this sign, but instead of 'Calientes' said 'Calienties'. I think the combination of something handcrafted with this little misspelling added a plethora of personality to such a vernacular cart.

2.- Proud and Open 24/7 - In NY we have plenty of business with the 'Open 24/7' sign on their windows, although, some people still find it hard to be open-minded in the times we live in; I find this paradox both alarming and very funny. I painted this one for last year's NY Pride Parade, which sadly didn't happen, and we know why.

3.- The Right Way and The Other Way - I painted this sign for myself. In my small studio, those are the only ways we know how to do things.

Now, these pieces live on these 3 boxes while I was preparing some renders for my next packaging venture. The whole thing is so unrelated, but I had a great time remembering why I did these pieces, and I hope you enjoy them too.

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