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Hi, there! How are you? I hope you are good. Recently, surprisingly for myself, I did some few quick shots about one of my projects — Jambl. Meanwhile if you always used to love music and always was dreaming about being a musician or DJ — try the app! This is the answer from the gods for people like me, who dreamed but always gave up quickly. With these guys I used to work last year before Covid came to us and changed all plans. Btw the app also came to me just from the universe when I came back to Russia after really long trip for some break and have been stucked in there because of lockdown. 1+1)) And this is fun because today I have got the positive result, so i am here, crazy and lost and finally believe on it.
The current shot is a bit different from what has been chosen for release, one of sketches. So long time ago... pfff.. now I feel completely different) Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm doing now but since I have a fever, why not? xD

I hope you are well and great and I hope you like it. i wasn't in here so long time ago, still not sure what i’m doing xD

Try it

P.s. the illustrations are also mine:)

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