Moneeq - fintech neobank from Singapore

Moneeq main mission - bring communities together. Cooperation makes wonder. Cooperation gives unique ideas and projects. When we are together we’re stronger, we can do more, we can do better. Moneeq can build a real COMMUNITY.
There are hundreds of the online services, which offer to create an E-wallet, or Cryptowallet as well as many services, which offer to exchange Cryptocurrencies. Neobanks are established almost every day and online bank accounts are a dime a dozen today. Main goal was to create a product, which combines all the mentioned services at once with no need to create different accounts at different platforms. This is how the idea of Moneeq was born.

Vinille worked closely on the project with the leadership at Moneeq, including co-founder and CEO. Based in Singapore, the startup was developed by a team of banking and technology veterans. The founders recognized that traditional banks were not set up for today’s financial practices and activities.
Moneeq has been designed from the ground up to deliver a modern banking experience made for the digital world. The company wants to change how consumers think about banking and help them fall in love with personal finance and want to be talked about, as moneeq want to be a “must have” like Iphone or a pair of Nike shoes. You can get any smartphone or any pair of sport shoes but you want to get a quality. It actively encourages its members to save and increases awareness about planning ahead, even in uncertain times.
Moneeq is positioning itself as a challenger brand in its category, targeting an audience of millennials and Gen Xers whose rates of saving tend to fall behind their elders. The vinille team started with an audit of existing brands, recognizing that Moneeq needed to fit into the relatively new world of cashless apps and platforms that are working to democratize the financial system and help consumers achieve financial well-being. Moneeq sounds fluidly, because company wants to make all the payment processes seamless. Moneeq includes the basics of the word "money", because company still wants to keep the association with payments and finances. Moneeq sounds modern, because company team integrate the most popular modern payment methods together at one platform.
Vinille created the guidelines for a new brand strategy, visual identity and tone of voice that reinforces Moneeq’s unique position within the busy FinTech environment. The identity is built on three pillars. Number one is style of aesthetic Asian cyberpunk and fancy lifestyle. Number two are bright colors & variation of green futuristic pallet. And finally, there is an element of geometric shapes which symbolizes M. The branding show in different way symbols and motifs of classical banking and finance, with a point of view uniquely suited for the digital world.

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