You Aren't Your [redacted] Khakis!

You Aren't Your [redacted] Khakis!

Preorder the shirt here! Wear your freelance pride!

This is no stately waltz. We rock the irregular hours, or work through the night after the 9–5. We're the free agents, the adventurers. We aren't defined by a location, a stereotype or a day job, whether or not we have one. We aren't our %#&@ khakis. We dance the freelance!

A bit more exuberant than my usual style but it fits the subject matter! Have to get 25 of these preordered over the next week and a half or so, so I apologize if I get annoying about this ;-) Would love to see it go to print.

(had to throw in the obligatory Fight Club reference)


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