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'Sup guys

Wanted to try something with different shapes, no client work, just some afternoon fun. I'm also working on animating this, will post that later.

While designing this I had 2 versions and I couldn't make out which one I liked better. The first one is this one with the circle, I feel this flows better with the other big shape but lacks a bit belongingness.

The other one is in the second slide, here I used a rectangle, it flows a bit less with other shape but has a better sense of belongingness with the paragraph bellow it, where the circle in the first one is just floating around haha.

Probably overthinking al of this but would love to hear what you like best. Anyways, hope you like it. Full size designs in 3th and 4th slide.

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Have a great day guys! Peace✌️


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Posted on Feb 9, 2021
Designer/ skateboarder available for freelance projects ↓

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