Museo™ - The Collections

Museo™ - The Collections

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Hey Dribbblers,

Today i would like to present a new feature that i worked for Museo™. This web app has grown in my mind this past few weeks and i made some improvements like a little bit more depths on part of the UI (Changing the header to enlarge it horizontally) and others features as TROPHIES & PICTURES sections (I will present them in a future shot).

CONCEPT: Making a collection on Museo™ allow you to regroup in one unique playlist your best/rare/favorite/ultimate songs collection ever. Like a "Rare Golden Playlist". The funny part is that the list can grow faster if you let your friends help to fill the missing tracks or complete it with their own (rare) titles in order to achieve the goal of 100% (This percentage is defined by certain criteria).

1. Start a collection, name it, choose your categories & criteria (only rare titles, only concert, mix, short tracks... etc), choose a background image to illustrate the kind of music that represent your collection, then fix a limit number of tracks that you want to see appear in your collection, then decide if your friends can contribute to this one or only you, and save it.

2. Your collection appears now in your friend's Museo™ feed if you share it with your community. They can now contribute to achieve the 100% goal of your collection.

3. When a collection is complete, your friends who contribute to achieve it can now listen it entirely and own it to their own collection. That's all folks!

- See attached files for BIGGER VIEW and WIREFRAMES

Any feedbacks are welcome, have a nice day! ;)

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