Easter Dribbble Invites

Easter Dribbble Invites

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It's been a while since my last shot and I've been spending far too much time coding, rather than Photoshopping, so I've decided to dust off my pixel-pushing skills a bit.

I have 3 @dribbble invites I want to give away so here is the deal:

Follow me (if you want!) here or on Twitter.

Download the attached .psd starter file and do something creative, then send me a link to it on twitter along with your dribbble account.

The best entries will go as comments in which I will credit the author, and I will personally pick and draft the 3 I like the most. Winners will be announced next Tuesday.

Players are also welcome to join the playoff if you like :)

Happy playing and have fun!

edit: i was pointed out that posting images you don't own is towards the Handbook

2 Rebounds

  1. a dribbble surprise egg.
  2. PrisonBreak/EasterEgg


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