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Hey friends! 🏀

Here is a design system that I created for a social media analytics platform, deepdivr. I created the design system initially using Sketch+InVision, in order to keep the front-end of the platform consistent, also to improve hand-off efficiency to our off-shore development team.

Then, later on, we decided to re-build the platform with our new internal development team from scratch, using Bootstrap, for agility and responsiveness. Therefore I created a custom Bootstrap Theme, directly derived from our design system, seen here.

This allowed me to develop the new front-end for our platform efficiently and with a consistent looking user interface.

The icons are a part of an open-source package I decided to go with to save time on making all icons from scratch in order to keep the front-end development agile. The full package can be found here:

Press "L" if you like it 🤘🧡

All feedback welcome and appreciated.

Thanks for viewing!

Siggi Baldursson
— Product Designer keen on Usability ⤵

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