Netflix + Storybots Brand Guide

The success of Storybots on the Netflix platform was apparently so good, Netflix acquired the brand outright. Since we had intimate knowledge of the Storybot's identity, having previously partnered with them, Netflix hired us to define a broader Brand Guide. This time, to capture the upcoming consumer product line's needs. This new brand guide we designed will help a wide variety of vendors stay on brand while producing loads of fun consumer products. It was a hefty document, and I've only called out a few pages.

This project wasn't a typical ask for us, but we were super happy to deliver on such a fun, unique engagement. We were even more delighted to hear these words at the end of the project...

"I now know why Focus Lab came so highly recommended. I've never received such super-serving from a vendor in my entire life."

Dan Owen
Global Director of Brand & Marketing
Netflix Consumer Products

Props to all the Focus Lab team members that made this unique project even more special, specifically Joshua and Alex.

Note: We did not actually print this guide. Netflix now has a purely digital version, but I couldn't resist bringing it to life for this opening shot. Also, the packaging in the seventh slide was not made by us. I placed that to show the relationship between our guide and the product.


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