mechanical engineering design consultants

The infinitely wide range of components in this industry requires the widest range of engineering processes . With the widest range of engineering processes under one roof, we guarantee you the most ideal and most process-neutral consultation and processing of your components.

In construction CAD Autodesk is used . This allows you to create and manufacture 3D models and assemblies directly on CNC machines. In addition, models can be 3D printed so that the created model can be discussed with the customer using the object for viewing. The construction department often provides selective support with questions or finding solutions, but can also accompany clients' complex projects and take over the entire construction process together with the customer's design department.
Optimal engineering and proven process optimization advice.

A variety of treatments and many years of experience create the ideal conditions for profitable technology consulting. Benefit from our extensive knowledge of BIM and materials .

Our consulting services in the field of mechanical engineering:

Construction consulting
Optimizing the value creation process
Process analysis
Material advice
Added value in Karnoenergy

The largest variety of engineering processes in one place
Full range of services / price advantages due to the increase in total volumes / unified logistics
Comprehensive and comprehensive advice
Simplest logistics thanks to our pick-up and delivery service
Safe, reliable and recognized partner
Modern procedures
Years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge to ensure the best quality components

Posted on Feb 6, 2021
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