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Linkedin re-design (web and android)

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Linkedin re-design (web and android) linkedin redesign re design flat clean illustration web design 2014 trending android modern

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Lately I've been using Linkedin quite a lot. Its the best way to connect with like minded professionals over the world no doubt. But you gotta admit, it often leads to lot of confusion and clutter. Too many things flying around and slapping me with plethora of inforamtion. I'm sure they are doing great job in their design team but still they need to catch up. So being a designer and not having a 'famous web/mobile app re-designed' in my portfolio, I decided to work on it.

When I started I was bloody sure I'm gonna knock the UI/UX of this app out of park and in most places I think I did succeed. But as I spent more and more time in it I realized that this is one of the most complex application I have ever witnessed on internet (I'm sorry IRC). So instead of re-designing the whole app (would take a month or two) I worked on its landing page and the feed. I hope I did justice to it and you guys enjoy. For any suggestions, comments or anything you can just tweet on my handle @sokratus or write a comment below. Also follow me on behance


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