Reykjavik Financial Aid – Application Flow

I've been delaying posting this for a couple of years, maybe because the static UI is quite basic (the flow has nice motion on the other hand – see video for that) but this is among the work I'm most proud of because of the social impact it has in how it makes access to financial aid for those who need it much more approachable than ever before.

With this application flow people can now apply and get their financial aid by completing a few easy questions. No paperwork, going around town to acquire certifications, or coming in for interviews like before. The tool authenticates people, does some automated checkups in the background, validates the answers, and comes up with an estimated amount. The case is reviewed by a person and final result and money transfer happens within hours.

The project was a collaboration between Reykjavik and a full stack team at Kolibri, using Agile and Design Thinking processes.

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Posted on Feb 3, 2021
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