Carousel Share Cart

Carousel Share Cart

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One problem we wanted to solve with Carousel had to do with photo selection. It should be fast, easy, and delightful to select photos to share. You should be able to compare a few photos in full screen to pick the best one, and also be able to select multiple photos without going back to the grid.

@Yi Wei and I designed and prototyped dozens of possible solutions, and in the end came up with one of my favorite features in Carousel. We call it the share cart. Whenever you're viewing a photo in full screen, simply swipe it up to select. You can swipe up as many photos as you want. Tap on a photo in the share cart to jump right to it. If you decide you don't want to share a photo, just drag it out of the share cart. Want to go back to the grid view? Tap on a photo to return; your selection mode will persist.

I'm particularly proud of how we focused on the details here. For example, when a user tries to swipe up a photo that's already in the share cart, there's a delightful little animation to let them know it's already there. Check out the video attachment to see it!


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