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Back in the summer '19 (which feels like ages ago) @patryk surprised me with a new client. I had the pleasure to start a long-lasting partnership with Segment (no pressure at all). I guess we did an okay job since we're still working together almost two years (and one acquisition) later.

What was the challenge?
Segment was looking for someone to refresh their brand and help with the marketing site experience. We started from the Segment Catalog — collection of over 300 integrations. The plan was ambitious — to create hundreds of new landing pages.

Meet our solution
What you see here, is probably the third or fourth approach to the Catalog listing. We wanted to keep the experience as simple as possible. User should be able to get the integration he wants in seconds.

Since then, the visual approach has changed a few times. Also, after few months of working together, Segment changed the focus and this project is still waiting for its time!

What’s Segment?
Segment is the world's leading Customer Data Platform. They provide a unified view of customers' data across every channel — from web or apps to any tool you're using. Segment will help you make real-time decisions, accelerate growth, and deliver compelling user experiences. BTW. Segment have been acquired by Twilio for a staggering $3.2 billion, in the biggest exit ever for a Y Combinator startup.

I needed to go thru Sketch + Invision + Abstract + Principle to get this shot. How tf we could do that back then!? Figma — bless you! 🥰

More tomorrow, stay tuned!


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